Ankle Stabilizer NA-540 Prim Spain

Ankle Stabilizer NA-540 Prim Spain

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Allows to get a middle ground between the easy use and an effective mechanical support for an injured ankle. Its function is to get the medio-lateral stabilization of the ankle.

Support, compression and medio-lateral stabilization.

Ankle sprains, instabilities of the ankle Joint and tendinitis.

• Two-shells orthosis providing the medio-lateral stabilization of the
ankle by holding and keeping the ankle Joint in functional position.
• The shells of resistant plastic are anatomically contoured and provide
a rigid cover allowing he flexo-extension movements avoiding the
mediolateral movements of the ankle
• Offer better adaptation and comfort to the patient. Easy to adjust
thanks to its external velcros.
NA500: Supplied with pads in horseshoe shape for a better
adaptation when the inflammation is reduced.
NA540: Supplied with lined pads for a better adaptation and
comfort. Latex Free.
AIRFIX: The shells are lined with a pad of air, gel and foam which
can be regulated. It facilitates the variation of the quantity of air in
the pads, allowing this way to control the exercised support and to
adjust it to the patient’s needs. Inside the pad, a gel area is offering
a comfortable support on the malleolus. Latex Free.
• Black colour.