KY903L-46: Aluminum Wheelchair

KY903L-46: Aluminum Wheelchair

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KY903L-46: Aluminum Wheelchair



*Ergonomic leightweight design for users with paraplegia/walking problesm/needs of reasonal physical exercise

*Lightweight stainless aluminum wheelchair for easy carrying and transporting

*High strength double cross supporting different users

*Flip-up PU armrests in friendly design for users to move easily to hospital beds/beds/seats

*Built in durable flame retardant black nylon cushion

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 24''PU rear wheels

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 8''PVC front wheels


Model and Size

KY903L-46 64 26 46(41/51) 24''(PU) 8''(PVC) 50 90 106 42 39 100 80*28*91 14