Smart Electric Wheelchair KY121C

Smart Electric Wheelchair KY121C

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Smart Electric Wheelchair KY121C



*Motors: Economical high performance 200W*2 motors(in series)

*Smart Controller: Intelligent controller from PG(UK technology); speed control from 1km/h to 6km/h; power and velocity display; automatic alarm and lock; turning by 360 degrees(left, right, forward and backward);controller programmable by original manufacturer only

*Battery Cells: 12V*2 or 28AH lead acid cells for maximum travel distance 20km once fully charged(charging for 8 hours)

*Height of Crossable Obstacles: Maximum 5cm high according to height standards for crossable obstables

*Slope Degree: Maximum 8 degrees

*Frame: High strength coated steel frame

*Seat: Nylon seat with reclining back

Size&Model No.

KY122L 64 / 43 32 20*5(PU) 12''(PU) 127 120 40 53 120 83*64*67 72 77