Full Face Mask YF01 Yuwell
Full Face Mask YF01 Yuwell

Full Face Mask YF01 Yuwell

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The Yuwell model YF01 Full Face Mask is an accessory for CPAP, BiPAP and Auto CPAP equipment , it is made of silicone and weighs only 119 grams, it also has different minimum pressure points which provides a high level seal throughout of sleep therapy.

In addition, the Oronasal Mask has a silicone cushion that adapts to the face without causing discomfort or interrupting the user's range of vision.

Automatic adaptation:

The notch on top of the cushion can fit the bridge of the nose and this is how it keeps leakage low and pressure limited.

Anti suffocation valve:

The position of the anti-asphyxiation valve is adjusted to achieve more functions in a smaller elbow.

Greater comfort:

Due to the design, the cushion of the Yuwell Oronasal Mask is very soft so that the contact with the nose and face is to your liking.

Simple structure:

A pad and main frame. Provides a much easier assembly, disassembly, cleaning, as well as changing the pad.

Joint connection  :

Elbow of the mask adapts easily to movements and avoids any inconvenience when turning at night.


  • Comfortable silicone material reducing facial pressure.
  • Designed to minimize contact with the patient's face.
  • Automatic adaptation through the cushion that adapts to the bridge of the user's nose.
  • Silent ventilation hole.
  • Quick release connector.
  • Soft and light harness.
  • Adaptable silicone cushion.
  • Excellent sealing in any position.

    Packing Includes:

    Full face mask with 4-point harness.

    Available Sizes:

    Medium & Large