Nasal Mask YN03 Yuwell

Nasal Mask YN03 Yuwell

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The Yuwell YN03 Nasal Mask is an accessory used for sleep therapy in CPAP, BiPAP and AutoCPAP equipment . Made with silicone and weighing 64 grams, it offers the user comfort at all times.

In addition, it also has a silicone cushion, which adjusts to the user's nose, sealing with different pressure points. Likewise, the Nasal Mask has a quick release connector, which allows the YN03 mask to be separated or connected to the device.

Silicone cushion

The mask is made of a silicone cushion that is airtight, light and soft. It is designed to reduce facial pressure, improve fit and comfort.

Adaptable YN03

YN-03 mask adopts silicone cushion, adaptive design on the bridge of the nose, which can be automatically adjusted according to different face shapes, better relieve nose pressure and improve user experience. .

Silent ventilation hole

Honeycomb design, reducing the intensity of airflow erosion, smooth and quiet.

Quick release nose plug

Using a quick release connector, easily separate or connect the mask and CPAP device.

Soft and light hull

Soft, smooth, skin-friendly fabrics that are lightweight and stable help patients fit comfortably into sleep therapy.



  • Comfortable silicone material reducing facial pressure.
  • Silent ventilation hole.
  • Quick release connector.
  • Soft and light harness.
  • Adaptable silicone cushion.
  • Excellent sealing in any position.


  • Type: nose mask.
  • Weight: 64 grams.
  • Therapy pressure range: 4-30 cmH 2 O.
  • Tube connection diameter: Φ22mm.

Packing includes:

YN03 Nasal Mask with 4-point Harness and connection tube.

Available Sizes:

Medium & Large