Infusion Pump HK-100II Hawkmed

Infusion Pump HK-100II Hawkmed

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Product Description

HK-100II Infusion Pump

Feature & Functions:

NEW function drug liabray mode, intermittent infusion mode

The compact and light weight design

Soft key design, easy to operate

Top indicator light indicating infusion status

Load directly the last infusion rate and volume limit

Adjustable buzzer volume

Three adjustable occlusion pressure settings

Free flow protection

Double CPU ensuring safe infusion

Removable pump body for easy cleaning
 Model  HK-100II NEW Infusion Pump
 Flow rate range  0.1~1200 ml/h
Micro mode: 0.1-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments
 Infusion mode  rate mode, drip mode, time mode, dose mode, drug liabray mode, intermittent infusion mode
 Volume limit (VTBI)  0 ~ 9999 ml
 Volume Infused (∑)  0 ~36000 ml
 Infusion accuracy  ±5%
 Applicable infusion set  Various brands of  infusion set
 KVO rate  1 ~ 5 ml/h
 Bolus rate  300 ~ 1200 ml/h
 Purge  600 ml/h
 Air bubble detection  Ultrasound sensor detection with four levels of air in line alarm adjustable
 Occlusion pressure detection   3 adjustable occlusion pressure settings: low, middle and high
 Visual and audible alarms:Door open,Air-In-Line, Occlusion,Infusion completion,infusion near over, Start reminder function, Low Battery,Battery depleted,malfunction etc.
 Power supply  AC:100~240V,50/60Hz       DC:12V ±1V
 Battery Rechargeable lithium polymer battery,7.4V,1900mAh
Can operate about 6 hours at 25ml/h after fully charged.
 Dimensions  145×100×120 mm (length×width×height)
 weight  ≤1.4kg