Myringotomy Kit Single Use Exmoor UK

Myringotomy Kit Single Use Exmoor UK

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Myringotomy - Minimise the cost..... Maximise the convenience.

With these Kits you get:

  • a new, sharp myringotome - every time
  • no flushing/cleaning of soiled suckers
  • no delays in theatre/OR
  • no instrument repairs
  • no hidden or extra delivery charges
  • reduced risk of infection
  • the simple, convenient solution
Kit Includes:

1 x Suction tube 

1 x Fine end 18 swg 

1 x Wax Curette

1 x Micro-alligator forceps 

1 x Myringotome 

3 x Aural specula 

2 x Without Wire Shepards Drain 0.97mm