NE-J01 Compressor Nebulizer Contec

NE-J01 Compressor Nebulizer Contec

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The compressor nebulizer drives the liquid medication to spray to small panel by the high-speed air flow produced by the compressor, then the liquid medication will change into atomized particles which are spurted out by the outlet. The tiny medication particles easily arrive lung and bronchus by breath, which are directly absorbed by human body. It is applicable for use in hospital, clinique and family.


Main Features

■Small in particle size, easy to absorb.

■Moderate in nebulization rate, which reduces medication waste.

■Long in air tubing, convenient and flexible to use.

■Low in medication residue, high in nebulization rate, less in medication waste.

■Compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry.

■Low in noise, which reduces interference to environments.

■Built-in oil-free compressed vacuum pump, safe and durable to use.