Riester Econom Diagnostic Set 2050 Germany

Riester Econom Diagnostic Set 2050 Germany

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Riester Econom Diagnostic Set

Model: 2050


- Illumination of the examination area with 2.7 V vacuum, HL 2.5 V Halogen or xenon illumination XL 3.5 V, similar to daylight.
- Power sources via various handles or charging base ri-charger possible.
- Choice of sets with exceptional cost-effectiveness.
- Developed and manufactured in Germany.
- 2.7 V instruments with vacuum lamps
- In hard protective deluxe case with sturdy sliding safety catches 

Riester has been designing and manufacturing high quality diagnostic instruments in Germany for medical professionals for over 50 years. They make some of the finest hi-end medical instruments and devices found anywhere and the quality is second-to-none. If you are a doctor or nurse who demands the highest quality for your practice and patients, look no further than Riester.