Therapeutic Ultrasound CSL-1 For Physiotherapy

Therapeutic Ultrasound CSL-1 For Physiotherapy

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  • Ultrasonic therapy instrument model CSL-1 uses electronic tube to generate ultrasonic vibration and power output which are converted to the ultrasonic mechanical energy with the same frequency by means of the ultrasonic energy converter, or probe.
  • The mechanical effect of ultrasound on the human tissues is a combined process, which includes the direct effect on human tissues during the conversion of vibration energy to mechanical and heat energy, as well as the indirect response of human tissues to this action.



Operating conditions

ambient temperature : -10¢J ~ 40¢J relative humidity : below 80%

Power supply

220V ¡Ó10%, 50 Hz

Output power

continuous wave:0.53 W/cm2 (adjustable in 11 steps)

Pulse wave

0.15-1 W/cm2

Operating frequency

800kHz ¡Ó 5%

Power consumption

Max. 70W


calcium zirconate titanate, non-water cooling type, two transducers included

Diameter of Probes

Large: 4.5 cm, Small: 1.8 cm


320 x 135 x 210 (mm)


6 kg