Three Crank Manual Hospital Bed China

Three Crank Manual Hospital Bed China

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3 crank manual hospital bed is also called three functions manual hospital bed.

The main function of the hospital bed 3 cranks is its back adjustment, leg adjustment and height adjustment.

3 crank hospital bed can add on-bed infusion poles and over-bed tables and other related basic configurations.

Difference Between 2 Cranks and 3 Crank Hospital Bed

The 2 crank hospital bed offers the backrest and knee adjustment of up and down, while the 3-crank manual hospital bed for hospital use has the additional function of integral height adjustment of up and down. The two types of hospital beds are almost with the same function, which only differs in the function of height adjustment and its specifications.

1.High quality ABS head board.

2.Overall punching cold carbon steel bedframe which is stable and reliable.

3.High-quality aluminum alloy foldable side rail. 4.ABSsilent caster within dependent locking device.

5.Equippedwith 60*60mm high quality pushing screws with stainless steel foldable cranks.

6.Weight 100 Kg